The Simpson Brothers

Two of the most creative riders out there! Joe & Jake tear up any spot they visit with their own unique style. You'll find them travelling around, partying, hitting the most ridiculous street spots and stacking footy for their latest film projects.

Stu Innes

Stu is a straight up shredder! We wanted to say that he's a rail specialist, but he kills it on the kickers too. Dude has more tech on lock than Zuckerberg's basement.

Liam Tynan

Young gun Liam Tynan is one of the UK's hottest up and coming riders. He's already got doubles on lock at age 14... the future is bright!

Maisie Hill

One of Team GBs brightest prospects. Maisie kills it whatever she chooses to ride: slopestyle, big air, pipe, boardercross, this chick can do it all!

Mike McKernan

Mike is our resident steeze machine. He spends most of his time shaping and shredding at Geilo Park in Norway, unreal style!


Owen is an all out legend, whether he's sending it on a snowboard or on a wakeboard, he kills it! He was Team GB's flag bearer in the 2018 Paralympic games, competing in the Boardercross in Pyeongchang. We're stoked to see what Owen does next!