Charity Partnerships

We all know Action sports are a whole load of fun, but they also provide a lot more than just a full stoke-o-meter. There’s nothing quite like turning a bad day into a great one by grabbing your board and heading to the beach, or up to the hill, to escape and clear your mind. A combination of being outdoors in nature, physical exercise, and challenging yourself amongst a crew of like-minded people melts away the stress and can immediately produce an ear-to-ear grin that’s hard to shake off!

A veritable plethora of mental and physical health benefits are yours for the taking… if, of course, you’re one of the lucky ones with easy access to these sports. In a perfect world, the advantages that action sports have to offer would be available to anyone and everyone, but unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

Here at bro! we are super stoked to partner up with the following incredible charities that are opening the door to people who may not have previously had the opportunity to get involved with Surfing & Snowsports, and helping them to unlock the mental & physical health benefits associated with these awesome sports.

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Jake Simpson – A little teaser of what the guys have been up to in Les 2 Alps Snowpark

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