Sustainability: what we’ve done so far and our plans for the future

Sustainability, it’s a word that’s often thrown around all too readily when it comes to the clothing industry. In our view it’s not possible to claim to be truly sustainable when producing any new items of clothing. So if you’re trying to be totally sustainable, you should probably be considering buying second-hand-everything or repaired garments instead of brand new.

That being said, while we can’t really claim to be fully sustainable when we are producing new items of clothing, we are making changes to reduce our impact on the environment in the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

We would love to share the progress that we have made so far, and our future plans with you:  

  • Our biggest eco-achievement to date is without doubt the release of our new ShredShell™ hoodies, let’s take a look at some of the features that make this product our eco-friendly pièce de résistance:
bro! ShredShell hoodie (turquoise)
  1. Firstly, the ShredShell features a 95% recycled polyester outer shell fabric, made from one of the biggest environmental issues today – used plastic bottles! (This outer shell is then bonded with a water-proof membrane and a toasty warm fleece lining, giving the garment a final composition of about 40% recycled fibre – we’re working hard with our suppliers to increase that percentage for future seasons).

  2. Secondly, this recycled outer-shell fabric is treated with an eco-friendly PFC Free DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. PFC refers to per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals that are completely man made and used across many industrial areas, especially for outdoor textiles to make them waterproof and stain resistant. PFCs are generally bad news for the environment, they don’t break down and can also be harmful to both humans and the environment. So to avoid this pretty nasty chemical, we’ve replaced it with BIONIC-FINISH ECO, an environmentally friendly solution that is fluorocarbon free.

  3. And the cherry on the cake for this water-resistant softshell hoodie is the complete elimination of plastic packaging from A to B. Our ShredShell hoodies leave the factory in paper bags and are packed in cardboard boxes for shipping. They land on your doorstep as so! BYE-BYE SINGLE USE PLASTIC!

  • With that last point in mind, one of our biggest targets is to eliminate the use of plastic bags in our wider supply chain. For any customer who has recently shopped with us, you may have noticed that your bro! orders will now always arrive on your doorstep in a paper mailing bag, carboard box, or occasionally a corn-starch mailing bag rather than a plastic mailing bag. A change that we proudly made in early 2019. We are also working with our other manufacturers to find alternatives for the recyclable polybags which some products are packaged in as standard. We are currently testing paper bags, cloth bags and bio-degradable options.
  • We also aim to reduce our carbon footprint by choosing to use ocean and road freight rather than air freight when shipping our products to the UK from their manufacturing origin. Although using sea & road transportation can take longer, CO2 emissions from these methods are significantly lower than when shipping via air freight.
  • Another target is to start using more organic cotton and recycled fibers across our product range. We already used 100% organic cotton for the majority of our tees this year, and we plan to bring organic cotton options into our hoodie & sweatshirt collections for winter 2021/22