The Simpson Brothers bring you COMBO 3, here's what they had to say:

"2 weeks before full lockdown we were in our home town Morzine trying to decide if it was a good idea to go abroad. We had no shots for Combo 3 and we were starting to get antsy. With each country in Europe following Italy's lead, we decided to stay at home.

Joonas flew down from Finland for 7 days to join in the fun and stack as much as we could before the world went on standby! Conditions weren't amazing, spots aren't the kind to be envying, and Joe was pretty under the weather, and yet it ended up being the most productive week we've ever had at home.

We really wanted Combo 3 to be well rounded so mid lockdown we went to work in the local forest trying to rack our brains for the weirdest most creative way we can get it done! COMBO 3 is what we ended up with. We would also like to say that in these crazy, life changing times, let's all show each other as much support as possible!"

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