Snowboard & Ski holiday tips

Snowboard & Ski holiday tips

It’s finally that time of the year, and we are stoked! It’s time to dust off your shred stick(s) and head for the slopes. Planning a snowboard or ski trip can sometimes be pretty stressful, especially if it is the first one you’re going on. So to keep it as fun, hassle free and budget-friendly as possible, we’ve come up with a list of snow holiday tips we think could come in handy.

  • Speak to your buddies that are out on seasons or have spent seasons in resorts to find the best pow stashes, side-hit runs (hello Prolays & P4!), and hidden gems.
  • Pre-book as much as possible! We're talking accommodation, lift passes, coaching sessions and gear hire (if needed) - especially if you go during peak season. It’s no fun waiting around in line at the lift-pass office when you could already be on the mountain.
  • Head to a shred-specific fitness class to prepare the body! Our good buddies Sophie and Em run awesome yoga and fitness exercises that will get you in great shape before heading to the mountains.
  • Consider booking an off-peak trip. The busiest periods for ski holidays are Christmas, New Year’s, half term and Easter. If you can, we recommend going mid-January, early February or end of the season (for slushy fun). It makes a big difference on prices and the amount of peeps on the pistes. Avoid half-term lift queues like the plague! Top-tip: if you're heading to Europe, be sure to check the French, German and Austrian half-terms to avoid hordes of little Claudes and handsy little Hanz'ies.
  • If it’s your first snow trip and don’t own a huge amount of gear, the cheapest way to get your hands on some is to ask around and see if any buddies have anything they can lend you. Beg, borrow, steal (ok no, don't steal)... Every little helps!
  • Gear check list: Jacket (or ShredShell), pants, beanie, base layer, hoodie, mitts, goggles, helmet (your call on this one... but we recommend a good lid to protect your noggin' – shafety first!)
  • Your lift pass is your best friend so make sure you find a secure place for it as it is your ticket to shredsville! All our hoodies feature lift pass pockets on the sleeve (just sayin'). ALSO, KEEP THAT RECEIPT - then you can easily get your pass replaced it if you lose it on the mountain / sesh.

  • If you're a beginner, check for free beginner slopes before buying your pass, some resorts offer free beginner slopes - so no lift pass needed until you feel confident enough to go higher up the mountain! Side note: Do not go and yeet yourself down the first black you can find... but if you do insist on doing this, at least get a mate to film it so you can make some dollar from your hospital bed with a sweet fail video.
  • The weather can be pretty unpredictable in the mountains, so if you wake up to a bluebird day, get your butt up the slopes ASAP before it changes. If you check the weather the night before and fresh snow is dumping, try get up extra early to enjoy that sweet, glorious powder.

  • On that topic, watch out for whiteouts, they can be super scary and even the most experienced riders can cause themselves some serious mischief here. Falling off the mountain is not fun, for anyone.
  • Looking for some off-piste fun? After a night of big dumps (heh), the excitement to cruise down some fresh powder is next level! But keep in mind that this can also be risky biscuits. Make sure you have the correct tools with you (like a beacon/ transceiver, shovel, probe…), check the weather reports and the avalanche risk rating, get well clued up on where to ride so that you don't find yourself in the DANGER ZONE, or worse... buried in an avalanche. Shredding pow is always more fun with friends, but if you’re riding solo try not to venture off too far away from the main piste. 
  • The sun, wind and the cold can be a harsh mixture of elements to the face – make sure to wear sun cream and have some type of neck/face warmer to hand (or check out our Chill n’Shred hoodies for face warming goodness!)
  • Embrace the packed lunch! It’s cheaper, there are no time limits and you can find the best view spots to eat. Plus you can probably pick up a case of beer for the price of a single pint at the Folie Douche...
  • Always stay hydrated! It can sneak up on you in high altitude as humidity is very low (water is your best friend, especially after a boozy après sesh... and if you're really struggling, grab a Radler to get yourself back on the horse - an Austrian/German resort special, yes it's basically a shandy and no we're not ashamed.)
  • Speaking of après skiing, don’t let a bad hangover stop you from getting on the pistes. The best hangover cure is getting out on the mountain, the mixture of fresh air, cool temperature and stoke is the best remedy for a ropey morning. But hey... maybe bring some Beroca too.
  • Stay dry! After a long day on the slopes it can be pretty easy to throw all your wet gear on the floor to be dealt with the next day. Some good advice here is to make sure you hang your gear up to dry, you’ll be happy for it the next day – nobody likes soggy pants (heh ok maybe...) and you'll avoid smelling like a wet dog for the rest of the trip.
  • Last but not least... SEND IT!

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