Boonie Hats | Product Guide

Boonie Hats | Product Guide

The boonie (or boonie hat) is one of our favourite summer products here at bro! clothing.

A firm festival favourite and the perfect companion for summer adventures, Boonies are essentially wide-brimmed bucket hats, which provide the wearer with additional protection from the sun due to their increased brim width.

These awesome hats go by a few different names; bucket hats, bush hats, jungle hats, fisherman hats, but our favourite, and probably the most well-known name for them is the 'boonie' or 'boonie hat'.

Our customers love our boonies for SUP cruising, beach wandering, mountain hiking, spring snowboarding / skiing and pretty much anything in between!

Our boonies are available in a variety of different styles, prints and materials. We'll take you through a few of them below. 

Waxed Cotton Boonies: 

This image shows four bro! waxed cotton boonie hats in a row, from left to right the colours shown are grey, black, sand and ocean blue.

Our waxed cotton Sunset Shred Club boonies are made from a weather resistant waxed cotton canvas fabric.

These boonie hats are perfect for adventures. The fabric is water-resistant thanks to its wax coating, it is also quite robust and stiff, which allows the brim to hold its shape when you adjust or bend it.

The wax coating on the fabric will also give the boonie a unique patina, which will develop the more you wear it - giving a worn-in, vintage adventure style look.

Available in Black, Grey, Sand and Ocean colours.

Currently these boonies are ideal for head sizes 57cm - 59.5cm. We are working on a larger sizing option for future drops.

Check out our waxed cotton boonies here.

Cotton Canvas Boonies: 

This image shows four bro! cotton canvas boonie hats. Pictured from left to right the colours are lavender, aqua, faded pink, and yellow.

Our cotton canvas boonies are perfect for adding a little colour to your summer! These boonies are made from a 100% cotton canvas material, this fabric does not feature a wax coating, so these boonies will have a softer fit than our waxed cotton styles.

Perfect for festivals, lakeside chilling or down at the beach!

These boonies are ideal for head sizes 57cm-61cm, the fabric is a little softer too so will stretch a little more for our friends with larger melon heads.

Check out our cotton canvas boonies here

Printed Boonies:

This image shows four bro! printed boonie hats in a row. The designs pictured from left to right are liquid marble print, safari leopard print, happy daze print and tropical print boonie hats.

Get ready for festival season! Our printed boonies are available in a range of vibrant designs and colours, perfect for getting your festival style on point.

Made from 100% polyester canvas material, these boonies will keep you stoked this summer! The polyester fabric is soft, durable, and allows for enhanced sun protection too, it also allows us to keep the prints on the boonies bright and vibrant.

Some of these designs are also made with 100% recycled polyester fabric (flamingo & ice cream prints) - these boonies have a slightly softer fit and remove waste plastic from the world. 

These boonies are ideal for head sizes between 56-59.5cm, we are also working on some larger sizing at the moment for our bigger headed buddies.

Check out our full collection of boonie hats here.
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