Welcome to our repaired garments section, where we breathe new life into previously faulty or pre-loved items with the help of our repair shop.

If you’re looking to shop more sustainably, the items listed in this section are a great choice!

  • bro! chill n'shred hoodie (black/grey - switchup)

    bro! chill n’shred hoodie (black/grey switchup) – repaired

  • bro! park edition (caramel) – factory second

  • bro! park edition hoodie (faded navy/caramel) – repaired

  • bro! park edition hoodie (black/grey) – repaired

  • bro! shredshell hoodie (black/turquoise)

    bro! ShredShell high (black/turquoise) – factory seconds

  • bro! Shredshell high (turquoise) – factory seconds

  • Snake Oil Bobble Beanie – factory second

  • bro! park edition hoodie (heather grey) – repaired