Charity Partnerships

Charity Partnerships

We all know that action sports are a whole load of fun, but they also provide a lot more than just a full stoke-o-meter. There’s nothing quite like turning a bad day into a great one by grabbing your board and heading to the beach, or up to the mountain, to escape and clear your mind.

A combination of being outdoors in nature, physical exercise, and challenging yourself amongst a crew of like-minded people melts away the stress, massively improves your mental health, and can immediately produce an ear-to-ear grin that's hard to shake off!

A plethora of mental and physical health benefits are yours for the taking… if of course, you’re one of the lucky ones with easy access to these sports.

In a perfect world, the advantages that action sports have to offer would be available to anyone and everyone, but unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. There can be plenty of barriers to accessing the sports that we know and love, be they physical, geographical, mental, or financial. But luckily, there are a few great charity organizations out there which are changing this for the better.

Here at bro! we are super stoked to partner up with the following incredible charities that are opening the door to people who may not have previously had the opportunity to get involved with Surfing & Snowsports, helping them to unlock the mental & physical health benefits associated with these awesome sports.

In 2010, The Wave Project organised the world’s first ever ‘surf therapy’ course funded by a government health service. This NHS-funded pilot project for 20 Cornish young people with mental health issues delivered compelling results, showing that wellbeing rose among the group overall, with participants feeling calmer, less angry and more connected to each other, after surfing.

It was the first time in the UK that surfing had been used to support mental health.

10 years later and the outcome of the Wave Project’s work is incredible, delivering fantastic mental-health improvements to their participants, and helping more and more young people each year to prove to themselves that “I can do it!”.  And what started as a one-off study for 20 young people in Cornwall, has now grown into a UK-wide charity with over 900 active volunteers.

We’re stoked to be working with the Wave Project going forwards, and to kick off our partnership, we’ve donated a big drop of hoodies and beanies to their shop on Fore Street in Newquay – which will be sold on to raise funds for the awesome charity work that these guys are doing.

Founded in 2003, Snow Camp focuses on delivering an alternative approach to engage inner city young people, providing them with life skills through snowsports.

Learning to ski or snowboard takes commitment, patience, teamwork, determination and perseverance. And getting out on the slopes allows the young people that Snow Camp supports, to not only learn, but to thrive, and above all, to have fun with like-minded people.

The charity aims to break down the pre-existing barriers in snowsports, allowing young people from diverse backgrounds to come together and build relationships, access a variety of qualifications (Snowsport Instructor, First Aid, NVQs in activity leadership, and much more), and above all makes skiing and snowboarding available to all.

To start our partnership, we’ve donated several boxes of hoodies and mitts to these guys, to incentivise their Youth Leaders who have been working super hard throughout the last few crazy Corona months. We’re cooking up some more good stuff with Snow Camp this winter… stay tuned!

The AFPST is an incredible independent service charity that supports the recovery of injured military personnel and veterans. The AFPST aims to foster a sense of purpose, encourage success and re-build self-confidence using the transformative power of para-snowsports. Allowing its members to come together break boundaries and discover a new sense of purpose.

Having seen these guys in action on the hill first-hand, the work they do is truly remarkable. We are stoked to be partnering with the AFPST going forwards and have provided a morale boosting product delivery for the team to start the ball rolling. We’re currently in discussions about more ways that we can help out the AFPST team members and will update this page with more details as soon as we have them.

bro! street team

As our manufacturing orders have grown over the last few years, unfortunately we do get a few factory seconds from time to time.

While these are not massive issues, they’re not something that we would expect you to find on a bro! product. We’re all human though, and sometimes these things slip through the quality control procedures in place at our suppliers.

Rather than sending our factory seconds off to a discount retailer, or worse, letting these perfectly wearable garms go to waste, we prefer to either repair them or to donate them to a good cause - to folks in need of a bit of extra warmth and cozyness.

This is where the bro! street team comes in. These guys regularly take to the streets of Manchester and make sure that these products go to the people who need them most.

Over the last 12 months we’ve made sure that all of our factory seconds have been distributed to either local homeless shelters around Manchester, or directly to people on the streets. Because unfortunately, not everyone can make it into a shelter every night.

So, if you’ve ever returned something to us and were wondering what happens to the returned products, know that they are put to very good use!



Do you work for a homeless shelter? Or perhaps know somebody that does? Drop us a line if your local shelter would be interested in a donation.

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